All sermons downloaded are from our Sunday morning service. Our purpose in providing these sermons are for those that are home bound, sick, looking for a church, or just can not make it to church on Sunday morning. We hope you can enjoy and worship God through them. You can also find a live streaming of our services on our Facebook page located at the bottom of the screen. Thank you for visiting our website today and may God richly bless you!
Marty Conner8/19/2019
He Set us Free

Romans 8:1-4

Marty Conner8/11/2019
What Does Jesus Do For Us?

Jesus Forgiving Our Sins

Colossians 1:13-14

Marty Conner8/4/2019
Turn the Light On

Ephesians 5:8-14

Marty Conner7/21/2019
Jesus Wants Obedience

Matthew 7:21-29
James 1:24-27

Marty Conner7/14/2019
Trusting God

Judges 6:25-40
Judges 7:1-8

Marty Conner7/7/2019
Trusting God

Judges 6:1-24

Marty Conner6/23/2019
Get Ready For Work

Jeremiah 1:1-19

Marty Conner6/16/2019
Parenting Isn't For Chickens

1 Samuel 4:10-22

Marty Conner6/9/2019
How Strong Is Your Commitment to God?

1 Kings 18:17-41

2019 Easter Cantata4/21/2019
The Case for Christ

O Praise the Name
The Blood of Jesus Worship Medley
Cross of Grace
He's Alive
I Sing Because
Meanwhile Back at the Cross
The Lamb of God
Amazing Gracwe