The Pastor's Desk Image
   When you and I take a look around the world that we are living in and see all the turmoil that is going, how is a believer to respond?  We can either hide our head in the sand and hope that it all will just go away or we can take a stand for what is right.  I believe that we can draw some insight from the word of God when you consider the life and times of Gideon.  The nation of Israel had sinned against God which had brought His judgment on them.  When the judgment had gotten so severe that the people fled to the caves and strongholds out of fear, they began to cry out to the Lord and He sent a messenger to Gideon to prepare him for the plan of God for deliverance.  While he was cowering in fear and threshing wheat, the messenger spoke to him and revealed that God was going to deliver his people from their bondage.  Gideon had to trust God during this time. We must learn to trust God even more in these days.
Trusting and Believing in Him!
Pastor Marty